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Military system designers may use much of the same basic technologies–embedded form-factors, processor architectures, fabric technologies and so on–as their commercial counterparts, but the way they look at them is very different. This section helps readers sort out which technologies offer the critical mass, market longevity and physical attributes necessary for defense designs.

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Jeff Child’s Top Rugged Laptops & Tablets

Atom-Based Rugged Tablet Blends Thin Design and Security Features

  For decades now rugged laptops have provided portable solutions enabling warfighters to interface with many military and aerospace systems. In more recent years rugged tabletRead More...

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Update/Review from ARM TechCon 2016

ARM TechCon 2016 Highlights ARM’s Growing Momentum

  In this era where keeping SWaP (size, weight and power) low is a key design requirement for military platforms, ARM-based computing embedded solutions are rapidly gaining mindshare.Read More...

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Jeff Child’s Top Video Display Systems

JEFF'S PICKS: Display Console System Meets Shipboard/Shore Needs

  Display systems function as the key human interface points that are part of major ongoing modernization efforts across the U.S. military. There are a couple factors driving that.Read More...

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Avionics System Development Strategies

Three Stage Process Speeds Path to Avionics System Deployment

  The traditional development process involves three separate stages to get to a deployable system. The first stage gathers the requirements for the system including the deploymentRead More...

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Update/Review: Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2016

Post-PC Tech Rules at Intel Developer Forum 2016

  There's little doubt that Intel technologies ranging from processing to connectivity to visual intelligence have become staples for today's military system designs. And in this eraRead More...

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Jeff Child’s Top Space-Qualified Electronic Solutions

JEFF'S PICK: 3.3V Rad Tolerant MIL-STD-1553 Terminals are Fully Integrated

Selecting electronic components and subsystems for space-based platforms continues to be a challenge. Even since the Space Shuttle program ended and the commercial space industryRead More...

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Jeff Child’s Top Space-Qualified Electronic Solutions

Space Poses Unique Challenges for Commercial Components

  With the recent shift in space electronics to look towards using ruggedizing commercial components as a cost-efficient alternative to 'space-qualified' devices, the question ofRead More...

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Jeff Child’s Top MIcroTCA and ATCA Products

JEFF'S PICK: AMC Module Does 56 GSPS A/D Conversion and FPGA-Based Signal Analysis

  In the past couple years especially, MicroTCA and ATCA have seen resurgence in military applications. Tied together by the well-established ecosystem of AMC modules, MicroTCA andRead More...

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Jeff Child’s Top Power Conversion Solutions

Digitally Controlled Power Factor Correction Solution Meets Radar Needs

Gone are the days when military power supplies technology was exclusively dominated by costly custom-designed solutions. Today there's a rich variety of off-the-shelf solutions areRead More...

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