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Multi-Mode Oscillators Combine Wide Frequency Range, Low Jitter

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NDK has announced the NP5032S and NP7050S oscillators for applications in SONET, SDH, Synchronous Ethernet, and other networking devices. The device frequency ranges from 15 MHz to 2.1 GHz. Jitter is typically 130fs RMS (at 622.08MHz) with total stability + 20 ppm total for life. Users can configure up to four different outputs from a single device. Five different output types (CMOS  (less than 200MHz), LVPECL, LVDS, CML and HCSL (less than 700MHz) are available. Supply voltage can be specified from 3.3V to 1.8V. The NP5032S measures 5.0L x 3.2W x 1.2H mm and the NP7050S 7.0L x 50W x 1.6H mm. Both operate from -40 to +85 degrees C with prices start at $9.90.

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