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Ultra-Broadband Diode Absorptive Switch Operates from 100 MHz to 67 GHz

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Fairview Microwave has announced the rugged FMSW2026, an ultra-broadband single-pole double-throw (SPDT) PIN diode absorptive switch in MIL grade coaxial package. It operates from 100 MHz to 67 GHz across the RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-Wave bands. Applications include military radar, satellite, multi-gigabit communications, surveillance systems, point to point, point to multi-point wireless transmission links and test and measurement. Input power is 0.5 watts (CW) maximum with insertion loss of 6 dB typical and Isolation of 65 dB typical. Switching speed is 100 nsec maximum. The unit operates from -30 to +60 degrees C and uses dual voltage controls of +5 VDC and -5 VDC.

Fairview Microwave
Allen, TX
(972) 649-6678