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Highly Integrated Motor Controller is Rad-Tolerant for Space

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Microsemi announced it is sampling the LX7720 radiation-tolerant motor controller, the newest member of its Space System Manager (SSM) product family. As the industry's first highly integrated radiation-tolerant motor control integrated circuit (IC), the LX7720 significantly reduces weight and board space relative to conventional discrete motor control circuits. The LX7720 has already been adopted by customers to enable various motor control applications in space robotics and human-rated space programs.

Key features of the LX7720 include:

Four half-bridge N-channel MOSFET drivers; Four floating differential current sensors; Pulse modulated resolver transformer driver; Three differential resolver sense inputs; Six bi-level logic inputs; Fault detection; Radiation-tolerant: 100 krad total ionization dose (TID), 50 krad enhanced low dose radiation sensitivity (ELDRS) and single event immune; Power drivers via external field-effect transistors (FETs); Loop control electronics for voltage or current control; Position read-back (resolver, potentiometer, limit switches, etc.); Highest integration solution; and a development board available to work with company's RTG4 FPGA Development Kit/ Microsemi's LX7720 radiation-tolerant motor controller is available for sampling now.

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