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JEFF'S PICKS: Display Console System Meets Shipboard/Shore Needs


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Display systems function as the key human interface points that are part of major ongoing modernization efforts across the U.S. military. There are a couple factors driving that. First there's a fundamental shift in technology network-centric operations. For naval systems in particular, that's translating as complete consolidation of shipboard networking and computing systems. At the same time there's an acknowledgement that a reduced military will need to increase its situational awareness capabilities, and that increases in collecting, sharing and displaying of information feeds into that trend.

It's often on these large, rugged high-resolution displays and panel PCs, that the naval warfighter gets the complex situational awareness data-maps, video, images and text-interfaced directly to military weapons platforms on networks. Aside from purpose-built display system there's a growing base of product solutions-some designed for industrial use-that provide military system integrators a complete computer embedded within a flat panel. These can be simply connected to a keyboard or used as touchpad panels if that feature is available This month's Jeff's Pick section looks at complete display systems that integrate keyboards and other peripherals. (This is in contrast to our May COTS Journal Jeff's Pick section that focused on display panel products only).

For this month's Editor's Pick section COTS Journal evaluated several display system products on three aspects: technology leadership, design innovation and market relevance. This month's Jeff's Pick is the new Shore/Ship Display Console (SSDC) from Cemtrol, the latest product from its  shipboard display console series. The SSDC is comprised of two controlling units; one that controls the unmanned water vessel itself, and the other that controls the Payload. These units were uniquely customized according to the requirements of Cemtrol's customer (a leading defense contractor). For example, the customer required dual systems where one controls the unmanned vessel and the other has application capabilities for Surveillance, thermal imaging, sonar mine searching and camera sensors.

The SSDC is fully qualified for naval application and has the flexibility to be moved from shore to sea and vice versa. The SSDC will soon be mission ready, according to the company. The system can be utilized on ships and/or on shore based command centers to control unmanned water vessels. See the online version of this article for a set of YouTube videos of ship systems Cemtrol is involved in.

Rugged Design at Low Cost

The SSDC is a low cost, sturdy and adaptable command and control system uniquely designed to fit the customers' needs and has the flexibility and adaptability of Cemtrol's original generic GPDC (General Purpose Display Console) to fit any need (Figure 1). That GPDC is a ruggedized Multi Function Display Console built using the latest technology and COTS modules. It was designed and developed with the intention of ensuring low weight and cost. This console can be used in several areas such as C4I, commercial applications, civil air and maritime traffic control applications and other field installations. This console comes fitted with two 24 inch displays and one 10.4 inch multi-touch screen. Its touch display capability enables the user to easily input data. The console has been enhanced with high performance capabilities that enable the console to handle highly demanding applications. Its build and capabilities meet all the essential rigorous environmental standards, enabling it to work in highly demanding environments at sea, in the air, and on land.

Figure 1
Jeff’s Pick this month is the Shore/Ship Display Console (SSDC) from Cemtrol. This console comes fitted with two 24 inch displays and one 10.4 inch multi-touch screen. Its touch display capability enables the user to easily input data.

Anaheim, CA
(714) 666-6606


...And the Runners Up:

Display Computer System Meets Harsh Environmental Requirements

IXI Technology's Data Display Computer (SDDC) is a rugged general-purpose computer designed to meet harsh environmental conditions. The SDDC has passed rigorous military and industrial test requirements for environmental conditions, design and safety, including electromagnetic interference (EMI). In addition to industrial and general military applications, the SDDC is a direct replacement for the OJ-454(V)/UYK Data Display Console and ORTSNET workstation used in the Aegis Operational Readiness Test System (ORTS). In this configuration, the SDDC runs ORTS Network Emulation Terminal (ORTSNET) software, providing status, maintenance direction, fault reporting, indication and display, and readiness assessment of the Aegis Weapon System (Figure 2).

Figure 2
In addition to general military applications, the Data Display Computer (SDDC) is a direct replacement for the OJ-454(V)/UYK Data Display Console and ORTSNET workstation used in the Aegis Operational Readiness Test System (ORTS).

The SDDC can be configured with 4 Gbytes to 16 Gbytes of memory and features a large 19-inch display for optimal viewing. The SDDC has a backlit 102-key keyboard and a three-button HULA pointing device. The keyboard and pointing device are environmentally sealed and can be operated by workers with heavy gloves when required in tough environmental conditions. The SDDC contains one Blu-ray read/write drive and two removable solid-state hard drives. Audio communications are supported with microphone and headphone jacks, and an integrated speaker provides an audible alarm. Dual copper Gigabit Ethernet and dual fiber Ethernet ports provide LAN connectivity through locking sealed connectors.

For added flexibility, the SDDC can be configured with an upgraded processor, expansion cards, mass storage devices, a rear-mounted USB 2.0 port and connectors as required. Other I/O options are available such as MIL-STD-1397C NTDS, ATDS TADIL A, MIL-STD-1553, IRIG-B and others. The rear panel has multiple connector plates that can be customized for specific connectors. In addition to meeting MIL-STD 810 and 901D, the SDDC is designed to meet UL, CE and CSA listed safety standards and can operate from -40 to 85 degrees.

IXI Technology
Yorba Linda, CA
(714) 692-3800


2U Rackmount 17-inch Dual Display System is Sunlight Readable

The RD2217 Rugged Rackmount Dual 17-inch Display from Crystal Group features a 2U EIA form factor, SXGA resolution, 1000 nit, low reflectance, high ambient contrast and full color TFT LCD (Figure 3). The display is high brightness backlight and low reflectance cover glass yield sunlight readability. Crystal Group's specialized Rugged LCD Displays (RD models) are designed for shipboard, airborne, and land-based applications. The low specular reflectance and high brightness displays yield excellent high ambient contrast.

Figure 3
The RD2217 Rugged Rackmount Dual 17-inch Display features a 2U EIA form factor, SXGA resolution, 1000 nit, low reflectance, high ambient contrast and full color TFT LCD.

These displays are rackmountable with locking slides and available with HD-15 and DVI interfaces. Some models are wall mount, pole mount or RAM mount capable, and many offer keyboard package options. Crystal Group's Industrial Displays (RPD models) feature compact design as 17 inch, 1U rackmount LCDs, with micro keyboards and come with or without KVM switch. The displays are front mounted for ease of use and stowage, and sealed iKey keyboard option available.

Crystal Group
Hiawatha, IA
(319) 378-1636


Check Out These Rugged Display Products Too...

The Rugged Portable Computer from Chassis Plans is a rugged light weight portable computer provides a 17-inch 1280×1024 LCD and NEMA class keyboard, It is a purpose built customized solution used for ground based communications, weapons and radar systems testing.

Chassis Plans, San Diego, CA. (858) 571-4330. 4

Figure 4

The G2 Series LCD from Core Systems is an industry leading19 inch rackmount LCD display in a 1U form factor. It has an integrated touchpad or trackball pointing device. The G2 is the shortest and lightest combination DVI and VGA input 1U clamshell display in the industry Core Systems claims.

Core Systems, Poway, CA. (858) 391-1006. 5

Figure 5

NextComputing recently added Intel's newest Core i7 Broadwell-E series processors to its products including its Radius Edge portable workstation. It features a briefcase-like form factor with integrated 17.3-inch Full HD display.

NextComputing, (603) 886-3874. Nashua, NH. 6

Figure 6