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ARINC-429 Interface I/O Board Delivers 16 TX Channels

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United Electronic Industries (UEI) has announced its new high performance ARINC-429 interface I/O board, the DNx-429-516. This 16-channel board is fully compliant with the ARINC-429 specifications and supports both high speed (100 kHz) and low speed (12.5 kHz) operation. The channel speed is software selectable on a channel-by-channel basis. Data integrity, even when all channels are set in high-speed mode is assured with the use of 256 word FIFOs on all channels. The board is part of UEI's Guardian Series and provides a diagnostic, on-board ARINC-429 receiver connected to each transmit channel. This allows the application to confirm the correct information has been written to the ARINC-429 bus. Pricing starts at $7,000.

United Electronic Industries
Walpole, MA
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