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1U Rackmount System Serves up Low Latency 48-Port FPGA

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BittWare and LDA Technologies have teamed up to release the LDA e4, a 10/25 Gbps capable FPGA board enclosure. The companies have done a demonstration of LDA's TCP Offload Core that showcases the 48 high-speed port platform with BittWare's XUSP3S PCIe board, featuring a Xilinx UltraScale VU095 FPGA. The LDA e4 networking enclosure repurposes the serial links on BittWare's PCIe FPGA boards into high-speed Ethernet ports, making the two a perfect fit for a high-performance, 48-port networking product. With FPGA-to-port trace lengths of 6 inches, the networking product allows the lowest possible latencies and makes an ideal platform for financial FPGA applications.

Additional features suited for trading-related applications include Layer 1 replication, support for various CPUs and operating systems, and a high-accuracy clock source that allows for precise timestamping even in data centers with no GPS connectivity. The e4 board enclosure also provides out-of-band management and a zero configuration option-all in a 12-inch-deep 1U device that takes only half of the rack. The variety of FPGAs available on BittWare's numerous boards makes it possible to offer a full range of pre-integrated solutions on LDA e4.

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