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Hyperconverged Platform Blends Compute, Storage and Network Functionality

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KALEAO introduced KMAX: as system that provides compute, storage and networking in an integrated platform. As a hyperconverged platform, KMAX dynamically defines "physicalized" computing resources and assigns them directly to virtual machines and applications, without unnecessary software layers. An ultra-efficient lightweight hypervisor called a microvisor works seamlessly with hardware to orchestrate global pools of software defined and hardware-accelerated resources. KMAX removes the performance overhead that is typical when layering applications over a virtualized, hyperconverged platform running on commodity hardware, while enabling appliance simplicity and the flexibility of a software-defined solution. Leveraging this advanced technology and the cost advantages of ARM 64-bit hardware, KMAX is capable of achieving significant improvements in energy efficiency, density and scalability.

The KMAX platform follows the design principles of low power consumption, data locality, high density and high performance. In terms of performance density KMAX provides 1536 CPU cores, 370 Terabytes of all flash storage and 960 Gbits/s in 3U Rackspace. That's up to 10 times the performance density than today's typical hyperconverged offerings, blades and rackmount solutions. Energy efficiency is less than 15W for each 8-core server with 10 Gbit/s I/O, providing over four times the performance per unit of energy spent. KMAX further reduces an organization cost of ownership by over 3 times by allowing the adoption of web scale, flexible and manageable infrastructure, paving the way for enterprises to obtain a more efficient and agile IT management that translates into bottom line savings.

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