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Xeon-based 10 Gbit Ethernet Switch Server is Optimized for SWaP

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The FR 351/m06 is a new 3U VPX switch from Concurrent Technologies that supports up to six server grade payload boards. The built-in management processor allows easy access via a network or command line interface. 80 Gbps of non-blocking switching is achieved from six 10 Gigabit VPX payloads plus two additional 10 Gbit Ethernet SFP+ ports on the front panel of the air-cooled variant. A separate Gbit Ethernet switch is available for plane traffic control, segregating management from user data for increased reliability.

The FR 351/m06 is a layer 2 switch that works at the datalink layer of the OSI networking model capable of segmenting Virtual LANs (VLANs) and provide Quality of Service (QoS) so that video, voice and control packets can be prioritized over other traffic. Multiple boxes can be connected together via the SFP+ interfaces on the front panel and they are optimized for peak performance. The target applications are compact, rugged edge servers include image and signals analysis, video encoding, simulation and communications systems.

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