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Conduction-Cooled Card Guides Support IEEE Air-Cooled Enclosures

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Pixus Technologies has announced the conduction-cooled card guides to support the company's Test/Development chassis for OpenVPX, CompactPCI, and VME/VME64x systems. The guide rails work with 160mm deep cards and fit in the IEEE 1101.10/.11 modular extrusions. Custom depths are available. Additional standard plastic card guides are available for air-cooled boards with color coded versions for system, node, and power slots as well as multiple depths.  Other components from Pixus include embedded enclosure components and full systems including extrusion rails, threaded inserts, sidewalls, handles/panels, top and bottom covers, ESD clips and gaskets.

Pixus Technologies
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
(519) 885-5775