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75 GHz Clamshell Socket Can Be Mounted Without Soldering

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Ironwood Electronics has announced a clamshell socket, GT-BGA-2052, capable of 75 GHz with less than 1dB of insertion loss, very low inductance and will operate in a wide range of temperature (-55 to +160 degrees C). The 17x17 mm package size socket supports NXP BGA's and IC's such as 292 BGA, 17x17mm with 20x20 array and 0.8mm pitch. The contact resistance is typically 30 milliohms per pin and the socket can be mounted on the target PCB with no soldering and can accommodate up to 100 W. Quantity 1 price is $715.

Ironwood Electronics
Eagan, MN
(800) 404-0204