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Rugged 3U VPX GPGPU Board Delivers 1 Tflops Performance

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Aitech has announced the rugged C535 Typhoon, a 3U VPX module which combines the GPU and CPU power to redefine SWaP (size, weight and power) in embedded computing. Based on the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 System on Module (SoM) which uses the advanced Maxwell architecture, the C535 can deliver over 1 Teraflops of signal and video processor performance with H.264/H.265 encoding. The small 3U footprint module consumes only 17W (8-10W typical) and is a good fit for applications in autonomous vehicles, avionics, flight systems, surveillance, targeting and EW systems.

I/O options include dual Gigabit Ethernet, UART and USB serial ports, dual DVI/HMDI video outputs, composite and SDI video inputs, Camera Link video input, USB, discrete and a stereo HD audio output. Memory capabilities include a 32 Gbyte miniSATA SSD with SLC Flash with 4 Gbytes of LPDDR4 RAM in dual channels operating at 3,200 MT/s and 16 Gbytes of eMMC 5.1 as the boot source. Quick erase and secure erase are part of the built-in security features.

On-board resources include dynamic voltage and frequency scaling as well as a temperature sensor and time elapsed recorder. Planned future enhancement includes an on-board FPGA to handle added video input and output formats such as composite, STANAG, Camera Link, SDI, more DVI/HDMI ports and a frame grabber. Security features include HW acceleration for AES 128/192/256 encryption and decryption as well as for AES CMAC, SHA-1 and SHA-256 algorithms. Additionally, an HW random number generator and 2048-bit RSA HW functions further secure the board's data processing needs.

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