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LXI Digitizers Deliver Fully Synchronous Multi-channel Acquisition

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Spectrum Instrumentation has expanded its popular LXI-based digitizer NETBOX series by releasing eight new DN6.49x digitizers offering from 24 to 48 fully synchronized channels. The instruments are ideal for applications where a large number of signals need to be acquired and analyzed with speed and precision. Each channel of a DN6.49x series digitizer is equipped with a high precision 16 bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a versatile front-end amplifier that features six input ranges from ±200 mV up to ±10 V, switchable input impedance (50 Ω and 1 MΩ) and programmable offset. Users can choose between models that offer maximum sampling rates of 10 or 60 MS/s with on-board acquisition memory of either 64 Msamples (128 Mbytes) or 128 Msamples (256 Mbytes) per channel.

All the ADCs are clocked synchronously to ensure signal timing and inter-channel phase relationships are always preserved. The flexible front-end and clocking system are complemented by advanced trigger circuitry to capture the widest range of input signals. The 16 bit ADCs typically offer much better resolution than other measuring systems, such as scopes or analyzers, and optimized digitizer performance allows the finest signal details to be detected.

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