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USB 3.0 Modules Provide Video Capture in SDI or DVI

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Sensoray has introduced its new Model's 3364 a USB 3.0 device available in SDI or DVI versions. It captures uncompressed SD/HD video in resolutions up to 1080p60 and uses H.264 video compression for inputs up to 1080p30, both with very low latency. A USB 3.0 device, it is capable of capturing uncompressed video at full frame rates and simultaneously sending uncompressed (preview) and compressed streams to the host. Both models are UVC devices (USB Video Class), and do not require a device-specific driver or an external power supply.

They are controlled using a video API (DirectShow or Video4Linux). The video stream multiplexer has precision hardware timestamps which ensure A/V sync. Video outputs are available for operation in decoding or pass-through modes. Real-time text and graphic overlay generators can position up to 160 characters of text anywhere on the video frame. A unique text string may be defined for each overlay generator. Text variables are automatically updated every video frame. Model 2464 handles the same input signal types but has an Ethernet interface.

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