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Test Platform Features PXI Express Marries and RF Test Capabilities

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Marvin Test Solutions has expanded the capabilities of its TS?900 PXI semiconductor test platform with the addition of the TS?960e system which offers PXI Express (PXIe) performance and expanded test capabilities for RF devices and SoC applications. The TS?960e accommodates PXIe and PXI modules ? providing high? performance digital, mixed?signal, and RF test capabilities in a compact, single chassis footprint. The TS?960e platform combines 256, 125 MHz digital I/O channels with per?pin?PMU with multiple RF and analog test instruments in a single, 21?slot PXIe chassis. Available as a bench top or with an integrated manipulator, the TS?960e platform takes full advantage of the PXIe architecture to achieve a full?featured test solution for digital, mixed-signal or RF test applications.

The GX5296 delivers high?performance digital test capabilities and is ideal for addressing verification, focused production, and failure analysis test needs ? or for replacing legacy test systems. The GX5296 builds on the successful GX5295 digital subsystem, offering unrivaled timing, edge?placement, density, memory, and parametric measurement capabilities.

The TS?960e is available with Keysight Technologies' comprehensive portfolio of PXIe RF instrumentation which can address a wide range of RF applications including WLAN, Bluetooth, Cellular, EW, and   F transceivers. Available instrumentation options include Keysight Technologies' vector transceiver, vector signal analyzers and generators, and vector network analyzer PXIe modules; offering wafer and packaged RF test capabilities from 9 KHz to 27 GHz. All of these modules as well Keysight's VSA measurement application software are fully integrated with the TS?960e's system software, ATEasy.

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