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Inverter Delivers 1200 Watts of Clean, Regulated AC Power

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Behlman Electronics has upgraded its INV-1200 Inverter in response to customer requests. In the past, Behlman rated the power output of its INV-1200 Inverter as 1200 VA, which required some users to do the math to come up with output Watts (960 Watts at a pf of 0.8 or 840 Watts at a pf of 0.7).  Now, with the new INV-1200 Gen 2 Inverters, there is a 25 percent increase in output power to 1200 W at 55 degrees C (133 degrees F) with no de-rating. In addition, when including Option D1 or A1 (AC bypass and Alarms), the transfer time is less than 30 milliseconds.

The new Behlman INV-1200 Gen 2 DC to AC Inverter delivers 1200 Watts of clean, regulated AC power in a 3.5 inch high (2U) rack-mount chassis. It provides numerous features that support industrial, commercial and military operation of sensitive electronics. These include sine wave output; low total harmonic distortion; unique overload protection; excellent line and load regulation; short circuit and thermal protection; optional bypass with alarms and LEDs for DC IN and INVERTER OK.

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