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100 Gbps ATCA Backplane Meets IEEE802.3bj Specifications

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Pentair has introduced its first 100 Gbps Schroff AdvancedTCA backplane, verified according to the design requirements of the IEEE802.3bj specifications for 100 Gbps Ethernet. The IEEE802.3bj specification defines two encoding techniques for 100 Gbps: 100GBASE-KR4 (NRZ=PAM2 encoding) and 100GBASE-KP4 (PAM4 encoding). The IEEE802.3bj specification for 100 Gbps Ethernet details the requirements for a 100 Gbps transmission path in printed circuit boards. Since its adoption, PICMG has defined the 100 Gbps requirements for AdvancedTCA backplanes and blades. The first backplanes have been delivered and are already being used in ATCA systems.

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