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XMC Does 3G-SDI Video Capture and Advanced Graphics

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EIZO Rugged Solutions (formerly Tech Source) has announced the Condor 4107xX conduction-cooled XMC graphics card with OpenCL support. Based on the AMD E8860 GPU and designed for seamless integration with VPX SBCs, the low-power, SWaP-optimized Condor 4107xX XMC graphics/video card provides 3G-SDI video capture capability with dual 3G-SDI video inputs and outputs on the rear XMC I/O connector. The 3G-SDI interface supports the HDTV resolution (1080p) at the full refresh rate of 60 Hz. It can also carry video up to 100 meters on thin coaxial cables that are far smaller and lighter compared with RGB and DVI interfaces.

The AMD GPU on the Condor 4107xX supports OpenGL, DirectX, and OpenCL and can be used for high-performance GPGPU applications. This enables developers to capture video data from a camera or other SDI source, perform video tracking or analysis on the data using the GPU, and then send the 3G-SDI video to a compatible display device. Applications can access video streams in the form of raw frames for processing, 360 degree stitching, frame/video analysis, compression, or video streaming. All decoding, scaling, video combining, and format conversions can be performed in the GPU with minimal impact on the CPU.

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