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Digital-to-Analog Converter Delivers 14-Bit 125 MHz Performance

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Datel has introduces the DAC-1412 series, a new line of Digital-to-Analog converters that offer 14-bit resolution and are housed in 28-pin plastic TSSOP package. It is offered in two enhanced Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) grades, DAC-1412SE (-40 to +105 degrees C) and DAC-1412SM (-55 to +125 degrees C). Each unit features no missing codes, ±1.5 LSB of Differential Non-Linearity, ±2.0 of Integral Non-Linearity and is 100 percent tested for performance across temperature range listed above. The DAC-1412 requires only one supply voltage for operation; ranging from +2.7 to 5.25 V, and consumes only 30mA of supply current. It has a "sleep mode" feature that reduces power consumption only 20µA.

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