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Configurable Embedded Vision System Does Reliable Image Capture

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Elma Electronic offers a rugged, high performance embedded vision system that incorporates four configurable Camera Link ports and a front-removable, multi-terabyte storage bay with SATA III interface, essential for high speed imaging data offload and transfer. Powered by an Intel Quad Core i7 processor, the new OptiSys-5101 features a high definition image frame grabber ideal for optical inspection and video capture. A miniPCIe expansion site facilitates easy I/O customization.

Designed to withstand severe environments, the compact system is ideal for a wide array of industrial, medical and harsh applications requiring high speed image inspection, analysis and measurement. To accommodate varying data transfer rates, the four Camera Link ports are configurable as four base ports, two full ports or two base ports and one full port for data processing in excess of 5 Gbits/s. Standard features include camera frame rate sequence capture, triggered image sequence capture and camera integration and async reset control. Thousands of HD images can be stored. The existing HDMI port as well as two USB 2.0 and two GigE RJ45 I/O interfaces are complemented by the miniPCIe site that allows additional application I/O customization.

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