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JTAG Adapter Hardware Eases Test of DIMM / SODIMM Sockets

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JTAG Technologies has announced a new family of hardware adapters specifically designed for testing of a variety of DIMM and SODIMM sockets (sizes and styles) using a JTAG/boundary-scan controller and supporting software. Using the new JT 2127-Flex system from JTAG Technologies clients get pin-point diagnostics from a known-good test interface so they can be certain if the  socket is soldered correctly (or not). The JT 2127-Flex system comprises two basic elements. A high-speed multi-channel IO module: JT 2127/DMU, and a personality adapter for the chosen DIMM type: JT 2127-Flex xxx. Software support for test developments is provided through JTAG Technologies ProVision developer tool-suite, which is shipped with a full set of support files for the new system.

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